About Me

Hi there! Welcome to my blog!

My name is Kylie Lambert. I’m married to the wonderful Josh Lambert and am the mother to three little masters of mayhem: Gabriel, Derek and Evan Lambert. While the purpose of this blog will likely change over time, it will almost certainly contain things related to my hobbies which include digital and physical art, yarn crafts, machine sewing, embroidery and really anything that allows me to flex my creative muscles!

My current occupations are full-time mom and full-time student. While my oldest two are in school, my youngest is still at home, and our homeschool activities may very likely have some attention here. I am in college for my AA with the intention to continue on to get a bachelors in elementary education. My long term dream is to become certified in the Montessori method and open a non-profit school in our city.

Speaking of which, our city is the small town of Centreville. It’s miniscule by most standards, but it has beautiful spaces and lovely historic buildings. I grew up more in the country than the city, and I find small-town life more than agrees with me!